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Terms and Conditions


Please take the time to read these booking Terms and Conditions. These have been carefully and considerately written to describe clearly the booking policies and procedures and clarify the contractual relationship between you and the Owners of Love-in-the-Round. If you require any help or advice at all, contact us.

Making a Reservation

Reservation enquiries can be made by email to or by telephoning the Love-in-the-Round concierge. Love-in-the-Round will provisionally hold the property for forty-eight hours. At the point of making a provisional booking, you shall receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) and a Booking Form. Please note: If payment (in part or full) is not received by Love-in-the-Round within 48 hours, the provisional booking will be cancelled automatically and the dates will be released (This period is reduced to 24 hoursfor bookings commencing within seven days of the provisional booking date).


Confirming a Booking

To confirm a booking, you must acknowledge that you have read the T&Cs and complete the Booking Form; confirmation of a booking is not possible without this. The person who completes the Booking Form and agrees the T&Cs does so on behalf of all members of the party and binds them jointly and severally to the terms therein (See Authority to Sign below). You are also required to pay the cost of the holiday and any charges for additional services that might be due. Any payment made by you to Love-in-the-Round in respect of a property is deemed to confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Upon receipt of payment Love-in-the-Round will secure the property for the requested dates and will send you a receipt to confirm funds received and confirmation that Love-in-the-Round is secured for your exclusive use, subject to the Cancellation Policy (below).

Payment to confirm a booking is possible by Paypal, bank transfer, cheque or cash only. Please note: For clarity, booking Confirmation consists of three linked parts: Acceptance of the T&Cs, Payment and completion of the Booking Form. The T&Cs are deemed to be in force upon agreement by you and / or on receipt by Love-in-the-Round of any payment from you.

For reasons of security and privacy, we do not provide full details of the location until you pay the balance of the holiday cost in full. Upon receipt of the final balance payment, full directions to Love-in-the-Round shall be provided.


Payment of the Cautionary Deposit

A Cautionary Deposit is required to cover costs resulting from the action or inaction of a guest of Love-in-the-Round or a member of their party such as (but not limited to): the property or the surrounding reserve being left in an unreasonable state, loss or non-return of keys, neglect or damage to the buildings or the surrounding reserve, damage or loss of contents and/or, any extra or excessive cleaning costs required. The amount of the Cautionary Deposit will be advised to the Client at the time of booking the holiday and in the Booking Confirmation email.

Where a Cautionary Deposit is required, Love-in-the-Round will endeavour to email a reminder for the Cautionary Deposit to the Client, however it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure payment of this is received in full by Love-in-the-Round a minimum of one week prior to your arrival date. Access to the Love-in-the-Round site will be denied if full payment of the Cautionary Deposit has not been made in cleared funds and the booking will be treated as a cancellation, no refund will be due or issued.

Cautionary Deposits may be made by Paypal, bank transfer or cash. If paying the Cautionary Deposit by bank transfer, you must allow sufficient time to ensure that the funds are cleared by the due date. Cheques are not accepted for Cautionary Deposit payments. If the Cautionary Deposit is not received on the due date, the booking will be treated as a Cancellation by you (See Cancellation Policy below) and the booking dates will be released. Restoration of the booking shall be treated as a new booking where payment in full is due; since the dates will be released, restoration of a booking is not guaranteed.


Refund of the Cautionary Deposit

The cautionary deposit will be refunded within 14 days of your departure from the property less any costs incurred.

In the event of damages attributed to you or your guest during your stay, Love-in-the-Round shall notify this to you as quickly as reasonably possible together with any evidence, if practical. The cost of any remedial action shall be deducted from the Cautionary Deposit and the balance refunded to you. In the event that the cost of rectification for losses or damage caused by you or a member of your party exceeds the Cautionary Deposit held, Love-in-the-Round shall notify you of any additional amount owing. You are advised that Love-in-the-Round reserves the right to pursue recovery of any additional cost over and above the Cautionary Deposit and for this reason adequate personal liability insurance is strongly recommended (See Insurance Requirements below).

In the event that Love-in-the-Round is unable to contact you to advise of deductions from the Cautionary Deposit, then Love-in-the-Round will not be held accountable for any bank charges or other losses incurred by you resulting from those deductions from the Cautionary Deposit. If Love-in-the-Round is unable to contact you, refund of the balance of the Cautionary Deposit cannot be guaranteed within 14 days. Where the cautionary deposit is paid by bank transfer it shall be refunded by bank transfer. To facilitate this, you must provide Love-in-the-Round with your correct bank account details. Refund of the Cautionary Deposit will not be processed until Love-in-the-Round is in receipt of your account details, Love-in-the-Round cannot be held responsible if the damage deposit is not refunded within the 14 day time scale if this information has not been provided. A charge may apply where the Cautionary Deposit is credited to an international bank account.

Please ensure we have all relevant contact details to enable us to contact you when refunding your damage deposit.


The Price of Your Accommodation

All prices quoted at the point of enquiry are valid the day on which they were given. Prices quoted for a provisional booking are valid for 48 hours from when the provisional reservation is made (This period is reduced to 24 hours for bookings commencing within seven days of the provisional booking date). After the reservation period, where Love-in-the-Round has not received a deposit, prices quoted may be subject to change.

Notwithstanding the above, Love-in-the-Round reserves the right to amend prices quoted as a result of errors or omissions. Any changes resulting from an error or omission shall be notified to you as soon as possible and you shall be able to cancel the booking if the amended price is significantly higher than the original price quoted. Any changes in the rate of VAT shall be borne by the Client.


Price Guarantee

Errors and omissions excepting, Love-in-the-Round guarantees that the price of the holiday will not be subject to any

surcharges once the Client has paid a deposit, unless the booking has been amended, once the confirmation has been issued. All prices are based on £Sterling. The introduction of consumer levies or VAT changes is excluded from the Love-in-the-Round surcharge guarantee.



Love-in-the-Round is registered for VAT. This is included in the cost of the accommodation.


Payment Method

Payments may be made by Paypal, bank transfer, cash or cheque; please allow sufficient time (we recommend two weeks) for cheques or bank transfers to clear before the payment due date. Payment by cheque is not available for Cautionary Deposits. Cheques for payments should be made payable to ‘Trehudreth [Love-in-the-Round]’. Post-dated cheques are not acceptable.  All payments are made in £Sterling unless otherwise indicated. Overseas clients may pay in £Sterling by Paypal, international bank transfer or cheque drawn on a UK bank. Any charges for receiving payments from overseas will be passed to the Client.


Booking Amendments

Requests to change confirmed booking dates should be made no later than three months prior to the arrival date.

Love-in-the-Round will make every effort to facilitate a booking amendment, however requests are subject to the consent of Love-in-the-Round and may be declined. A £30.00 (Including VAT) Administration Fee may be charged to

the Client for each amendment. Booking amendments requested within 6 weeks will be treated as a booking cancellation and may be subject to the terms of the Cancellation Policy (Below). By agreeing these T&Cs you warrant that they will not sell or transfer the booking to another party without Love-in-the-Round consent.



Love-in-the-Round is a private property and a sacred space. Love-in-the-Round has restrictions in place for the types of booking that we  will accept at the property. At the point of booking Love-in-the-Round will request the occasion for your stay; if it transpires that the occasion is not as detailed, your Cautionary Deposit may be retained as compensation.


Party Size and Members

There are limits on the number of guests that can be at a property and the number of guests at the property must not exceed those limits except with prior written agreement from Love-in-the-Round. Admittance to the property may be refused or you may be asked to vacate Love-in-the-Round immediately if this condition is not observed. Party members are those detailed on the Booking Form completed by you. On occasion, un-named additional party members can be agreed with Love-in-the-Round , such as when booking external parties for massage, training or therapy, as long as this is arranged and agreed in advance with the Love-in-the-Round concierge. We will not accept reasons of confidentiality for un-named guests as Love-in-the-Round  ensures ultimate care in maintaining integrity and not passing personal information to any third party whatsoever (including not storing any personal information electronically).    

If you alter the party without prior request and/or if additional people are given unauthorised access to the property, then additional costs incurred will be deducted from the Cautionary Deposit. Love-in-the-Round reserves the right to refuse admission to the property or to ask you and any party members to vacate Love-in-the-Round with immediate effect if you fail to adhere to this condition.


Additional Requirements

If you are requesting additional services such as forest dining, couples picnics or any extras, you are advised to arrange these as far in advance as possible of the arrival date. Generally, a minimum of seven days prior to the arrival date is preferred to arrange additional services. Where sufficient notice is not given, then arrangement of additional services is dependent on availability and is not guaranteed.


Care of the Property

You are legally obliged to take all reasonable and proper care of the property including buildings, woodland, hedges, grassland, fixtures, fittings, furniture, pictures and other effects in or around the property and shall leave them in the same state of repair and condition at the end of the rental period as found at the beginning. In the event of any damage to property or equipment during the stay, you are required to notify Love-in-the-Round.  You shall leave Love-in-the-Round in a relatively tidy condition: this includes collecting any litter or cigarette ends and placing any rubbish in the appropriate bin. You agree (and also on behalf of other members of your party) to respect your surroundings and not to disturb or otherwise annoy the occupants of neighbouring properties. Love-in-the-Round owners reserves the right to enter the property to investigate concerns relating to the care of Love-in-the-Round or disturbances. Love-in-the-Round owners are within their rights to request that your party vacate the property with immediate effect if it is found to be in a neglected or damaged condition. Failure by you to exercise reasonable care may result in deductions being made from the Cautionary Deposit. On departure, if the Love-in-the-Round owners are dissatisfied with the condition of the Love-in-the-Round property they may refuse to take a booking from you again.

Please note: Do ensure that you take all your belongings with you when you depart the property, as the Love-in-the-Round owners reserve the right to deduct any charges incurred in returning your property from your Cautionary Deposit.



Where an inventory has been provided for the rental property, the Client is requested to report any discrepancies to Love-in-the-Round on arrival, otherwise the inventory will be deemed to be correct. Where Love-in-the-Round has provided a library of books and films, these are for reference during your stay only. You agree to not remove any of the library items from the property.


Personal belongings

Love-in-the-Round owners cannot accept any responsibility or liability for loss of or damage to any of your personal items, belongings or vehicles, however caused.



Sun cream, fake tan, waterproof make-up, massage oil and hair dye can all cause permanent damage to bedding, linen, cushions and towels and Love-in-the-Round asks that you take care when using these products. Love-in-the-Round recommends that guests planning to use such products during their stay bring their own spare linen to prevent damage to items within the Love-in-the-Round properties. If damage / staining does occur and the items cannot be cleaned, a charge may be levied from the Cautionary Deposit to replace these items.



Please note that no smoking is allowed indoors in Love-in-the-Round buildings. Clients failing to adhere to this condition may forfeit the Cautionary Deposit. Ideal snugs and outdoor spaces are provided for smoking but clients must always ensure that any rubbish, including smoked items, are placed in the fire or outdoor ashtray.   



Pets are not permitted at Love-in-the-Round. If pets are wishing to be brought on holiday, Love-in-the-Round can provide details of excellent kennels and catteries within walking distance of Love-in-the-Round, ready to be collected daily for walks or petting. Clients bringing pets into the Love-in-the-Round property will forfeit their Cautionary Deposit.


Booking Cancellation Policy

Booking Cancellation by you

A booking can only be cancelled prior to the accommodation start date. If you wish to cancel a booking you must make contact by telephone with the Love-in-the-Round concierge; Love-in-the-Round will also require written confirmation of cancellation (email is acceptable). The written cancellation must be issued and signed by you. The cancellation takes effect from the day that the written confirmation is received. All cancellations will be subject to a £30 (Including VAT) administration charge. A cancelled booking cannot be reinstated.


Cancellation Charges are as follows:


30% of the total holiday cost where cancellation notice is received no less than 6 weeks prior to the booking start date.


100% of the total holiday cost where cancellation notice is received less than 6 weeks prior to the booking start date.


Subject to application of an Administration Fee of £30 (Including VAT), wherever possible Love-in-the-Round will actively re-sell cancelled dates. If successful, subject to the limits above, we will return to you any monies paid less the difference between the cost of the cancelled booking and the replacement booking. If Love-in-the-Round  is unable to sell any part of the cancelled period then all monies paid will be forfeit and for this reason we strongly advise clients to obtain their own holiday cancellation insurance. Love-in-the-Round shall not repay any monies due to you as the result of a booking cancelled by you until the whole of the cancelled period has been resold or the last day of that period is passed.  


Booking Cancellation by Love-in-the-Round

It is extremely unlikely that Love-in-the-Round would cancel a confirmed booking. If however, for reasons beyond the reasonable control of Love-in-the-Round, providing the cancellation does not arise from reasons of Force Majeure (Below), all monies paid by you will be refunded.


Arrival and Departure Times

You are requested to adhere to the arrival and departure times agreed on your booking form. Changes to these times can be requested prior to arrival but are subject to confirmation from Love-in-the-Round and may incur a charge.

Authority to Sign

The person who completes the Booking Form certifies that they: Are authorised to agree the Booking Conditions on behalf of all persons included on the Booking Form, including those substituted or added at a later date, and binds them jointly and severally to these terms. Are over eighteen years of age. Agree to take responsibility for the party members occupying the property, and to notify Love-in-the-Round if they are not a member of that party.


Accommodation Reservation

When you have made a payment and returned all paperwork as requested, the holiday accommodation is

confirmed. Confirmation is the acceptance of the booking by Love-in-the-Round under these Terms and Conditions. Love-in-the-Round will send you a confirmation email verifying the details of your booking. This is the only confirmation that will be sent unless you decide to alter any details of the holiday booked (charges may apply), when an updated invoice will be issued.


Insurance requirements

Although not mandatory as part of the T&Cs, Love-in-the-Round strongly advises the purchase of holiday insurance.

Clients should obtain insurance that at least includes holiday cancellation cover for the value of their booking for their own protection and peace of mind. Ideally the insurance policy will cover other eventualities such as travel and road conditions as Love-in-the-Round shall not be liable for circumstances that may prevent you accessing the Love-in-the-Round property (See Force Majeure, below). Clients are legally responsible for any damage caused during their stay at the Love-in-the-Round property therefore we also strongly recommend that any insurance covers losses due to personal liability claims.


Property Standards

Love-in-the-Round is inspected carefully and thoroughly by the owners and prepared days in advance of your booking.

Changes may occur during the period between the preparation of the description and your accommodation booking;

As such Love-in-the-Round reserves the right to change any of the facilities or services advertised. It is a requirement that any problems are reported immediately to the Love-in-the-Round concierge. You must report any pre-existing damage noticed upon arrival within 24 hours. If any issues arise during the stay you must contact Love-in-the-Round as soon as reasonably practicable for the issue to be investigated and, if required, to take any remedial action. If an issue is not reported or Love-in-the-Round is denied an opportunity to investigate or rectify a problem during the holiday, then the Client will have waived all rights in the matter.


Privacy Policy

Any personal information supplied to Love-in-the-Round is used, held or stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Love-in-the-Round never provides Client information to anyone else, unless we would be obliged by law to disclose it. Personal information provided by you in registering for Love-in-the-Round booking will be used by Love-in-the-Round  in the provision of that service. In agreeing these T&Cs you and your party warrant that the Love-in-the-Round property details, including the address and Love-in-the-Round  owner details will not be reproduced or passed onto any third party without prior written permission from Love-in-the-Round.

For the security and privacy of the owners and other guests, Love-in-the-Round shall not disclose the location and details of the property until a completed booking form and payments due received and the T&Cs agreed by you as the Client. The full details, including the address, comprehensive directions and key arrangements shall be sent upon receipt of the balance payment in full. You as the client agree to not, under any circumstances, exploit for commercial purposes any photographic or moving images of the property.


Intellectual Copyright

The copyright and all other rights on are owned by Love-in-the-Round or the material is included with the permission of the rights owner; copying site content for any commercial or business use is strictly




Love-in-the-Round accepts no liability for loss of or damage to a Client's possessions on the Love-in-the-Round property. Nothing in these conditions excludes or limits the liability of Love-in-the-Round  for death or personal injury caused by Love-in-the-Round  negligence; or for any matter which it would be illegal for Love-in-the-Round to exclude or attempt to exclude their liability. Love-in-the-Round owners shall not, except if caused by our negligence or breach of these Booking Conditions, be under any liability to you or third parties for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience, which may be suffered, incurred or arise out of or in any way connected with the rental. No term of the Contract is enforceable under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by a person who is not party

to the Contract.


Exclusion of Liability for Suppliers Goods and Services

Love-in-the-Round may pass on contact details for third party suppliers such as yoga, massage or couples training and can accept no liability for any goods or services provided by these suppliers. The Client should check that they agree to the suppliers' own terms and conditions before commissioning them.


Force Majeure

Love-in-the-Round cannot accept any liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt

performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by circumstances amounting to force majeure.

Force majeure is any event which Love-in-the-Round owners could not, even with all due care and attention, avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, civil strife, natural or nuclear disaster, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, fire, adverse weather conditions, unforeseen local building or road-works, unavoidable technical problems with transport, closure or congestion of airports or ports, cancellations or changes of schedule by scheduled airlines and all similar circumstances beyond our control.


Passports and Visas

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that all travel documentation is valid as airlines will not permit

passengers to travel who do not have the correct documentation and who cannot comply with all regulation Health requirements: there are currently no vaccinations required for entry into the UK.


Breach of Contract

If any of the above conditions are breached by the Client or any member of their party, the Love-in-the-Round  owners reserve the right to enter the property and request that the party leave the property with immediate effect.


Governing Law

This agreement is governed by English law with English Courts having exclusive jurisdiction.



Thank you for taking the time to read through the Terms and Conditions. 

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