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Love-Potion  Raw Chocolates

Love-Potion Raw Chocolates

20 freshly-made love potion truffles for you to share (take one or two morning and night for maximum effect). 

These vegetarian balls of delight are more than meets the eye. Within their rich, dense texture, there are the flavours that inspire love and sensuality - and there are ancient drugs provided by Nature waiting to take dramatic control of your body. All it takes is a pop! and they won’t even fill you up…
  • Details

    Freshly hand-made with high strength Spirulina, high concentration Maca root, organic raw Cacao powder, organic hemp protein powder, organic cashew nut butter, sustainably sourced Madagascan vanilla extract, organic Manuka honey, Agave nectar, red chilli powder, walnut powder, organic medjool dates, organic 80% dark chocolate, pink rock salt and with love.
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